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We are supplier and distributor of Q-Organic coffee in Europe

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The beans for the Q-Organic award winning organic Tunki coffee are grown in the southern part of Peru at an altitude between 1300 -1800 meters above sea level by 180 growers and their families who look after their coffee plantations, pick and process the coffee beans.


The plantations are located on the "terraces" north of Lake Titicaca near the entrance to Tambopata National Park. This national park is known for its unique biological diversity and is home to the "Cock of the Rock" or "Tunki", the bird after which this extra ordinary organic coffee is named.


Like their Inca ancestors Quechuas and Aymaras, they grow their crops on small terraces with canopies of different types of shade trees to produce shade-grown coffee in perfect harmony with nature where biodiversity and ecology are a matter of course.


The coffee contains notes of chocolate and floral aroma gives it a nice refined and rounding taste.


The beans are roasted at Q-Organic in Odense, Denmark where it will also be packaged.