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Charcoal Products

We are a supplier and distributor of charcoal products for personal care and household

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biomed white complex charcoal toothpaste is a whitening toothpaste with 3 types of charcoal made from bamboo and birch wood and Bromelain, derived from pineapple extract

Charcoal from bamboo, birch wood and bromeline (pineapple) cleans the teeth of discoloration and soft plaque
Calcium hydroxyapatite strengthens and restores tooth enamel
Zinc Citrate provides fresh breath
Extracts of plantain and birch leaves promote healthy gums
biomed toothpaste is made from 99% natural ingredients.



Nurme facial cleansing bar removes dirt, impurities and makeup as well as provides an in-depth cleansing of the skin.

It hydrates and restores the skin with its natural mineral balance.

The soap is made from organic ingredients and the characteristic black color comes from activated carbon.

The soap contains moisturizing goat's milk.



is a handmade 2-in-1 soap for men.

It is perfect for the whole body, face and for shaving.

This antiseptic soap effectively cleanses the skin and is made from organic and vegetable ingredients.

The black color of the soap comes activated carbon.



Air cleaning pillows made of active bamboo and are your effective house-helper against unpleasant odors and high humidity

Use them in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the wardrobe, in the office, in the sports bag, in your shoes and in the dog basket

They are used for at least 2 years and are completely biodegradable, however, you just have to cut the top off with the metal ring if you refuse to compost them.

They are delivered in boxes made of recyclable cardboard 1 pc - 2 pcs - 4 pcs



charcoal cushion will effectively removes odor and moisture from the refrigerator and extends the life of your fruit and vegetables.

The pad contains 200g of activated charcoal made from bamboo.

The bamboo charcoal is chemical free and comes from Vietnam.

SUMI HOUSE charcoal stick cleans approx. 3 to 3.5 liters of water in 4-5 hours.

The comes in 3 sizes small - medium - Large

SUMI HOUSE-charcoal-stick have microscopic holes and it is the fine mesh of small holes there have the absorbent effect there binds odors and other harmful substances.

Absorption is the code word for the natural process which gives charcoal the cleansing effect, since it have an effect on the ability of a particle to retain a molecule in the inner or outer surface.

SUMI HOUSE-charcoal-stick needs to be reactivated once a month, which is done simply by boiling it for a few minutes and then it will be working again.

SUMI HOUSE charcoal-stick have a service life of approx. 3 months, after which it can advantageously be plunged into the ground where it releases masses of minerals to your plants.

The bamboo charcoal stick is chemical free and comes from Vietnam.



Blackwood in a new and improved edition

It is an organic black toothpaste that has been created especially for those who need maximum breath freshness, natural white healthy teeth and a long term antibacterial effect.

This toothpaste creates a normal pH balance in the oral cavity.

The toothpaste whitens the teeth effectively and safely, and inhibits bacterial growth and maintains a fresh breath, as well as ensures effective protection against the formation of tartar and restores saliva normal pH value.

The toothpaste has an astringent taste of juniper and mint.
Juniper berry extract is an active ingredient which provides protection against bacteria and plaque formation
The highly effective antiseptic Biosol prevents bacterial growth and maintains gum health
Karelian birch charcoal bleaches the enamel, absorbs odors and forms the unique shiny black color that toothpaste has
Brush until the toothpaste turns white.



Black Lotus toothpaste is made from 98.3% natural ingredients

Black Lotus is bio active whitening charcoal toothpaste without fluoride, made from bamboo charcoal, lotus and orchid extract.

Black Lotus also provides optimal anti-inflammatory protection of teeth and gums as well as a fresh breath.

Bamboo charcoal prevents and relieves plaque and protects against caries
Lotus extract has an antibacterial effect and gives a fresh breath
Orchid extract helps keep the periodontal tissue healthy
The ability of toothpaste whitening to be composed of Bamboo charcoal, potassium pyrophosphate and rounded silica particles which give up to 2 tones of white teeth

The anti-inflammatory ability of toothpaste is composed of Fermented Pomegranate Extract, Orchid Extract, Rose Water and D-Panthenol for

The toothpaste's prevention of caries and fresh breath is composed of Lotus extract, zinc citrate and antibacterial component Bisabolol



This effective whitening toothpaste with activated carbon and high quality ingredients has a pleasant taste.

It leaves an excellent feeling of purity and freshness in the mouth and provides maximum protection of the gums.

Activated carbon is a natural adsorbent that effectively removes plaque from enamel and protects against tooth formation.