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Organic 100% natural soaps made by hand in beautiful Castellón in Spain

essabó is a family-owned company that today combines traditional production with new innovation in all their formulations to achieve sustainable soaps of the highest quality.

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They see their philosophy and commitment as their choice for sustainability to be reflected at all levels, from the environment to the society they are a part of. They choose to produce organic products that respect the natural environment and people's health. That is why they certify their products with agencies that guarantee such sustainability.

They collaborate with various local and international associations and NGOs by periodically donating soap for their hygiene programs. Business-wise, they try to consume and produce as ethically and responsibly as possible.

They have a code of ethics in which they publish their values and commitment, as a company, which in turn acts as their guide to improve its business activity.

Their quality management is the ISO 9001 quality certificate. This certification ensures the continuity of all their innovation strategies, customer relations and sustainability actions, while maintaining the craftsmanship and sustainable manufacturing processes.

The purpose of this certificate is to help companies comply with the legal requirements and regulations related to essabó products, as well as to guide them on the path to excellence in terms of customer service and logistics.