Fresh Body®

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Fresh Body®

Fresh Body® manufactures creams against intimate body sweat for both men and women and a cream for sweaty feet.


Fresh Body® has addressed sweat problems that we don´t  talk about but can be a great nuisance for many people.


Fresh Body® manufactures:

  • Fresh Balls® for men

  • Fresh Breasts® for women

  • Fresh Feets® for sweaty feet


Fresh Body® products free from aluminum, parabens and talc.

  • Fresh Body are hypo-allergenic and clinically tested.


The products are manufactured in the United States.


We are the wholesale distributors for Fresh Body® in all of  europe and looking for resellers all over europe, you can contact us or call us +45 91835577 or +45 50210911 for more informations about Fresh Body® 


We ship to all beauty salons, beauty parlors and beauty shops in with in Europe.