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Natural Clay masks ready to use or as a DIY mix yourself powder

Inspired by the story of the earth goddess Gaia, who is known for her protection of nature, the brand Argaïa was created in France in 2023.

The clay used in Argaïa products is harvested by hand from French quarries, preserving the earth's natural balance. The brand works closely with local farmers, supports rural areas and promotes sustainable farming methods.

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Experience the quality and results of Argaïa face and body masks with e.g. ghassoul, pink, green or white clay. Argaïa is a French brand whose common thread through all their beauty products is natural clay-based ingredients, created by mother earth.

Green clay - Montmorillonite

Thanks to its absorbent, cleansing and balancing properties, green clay is ideal for combination to oily skin as well as scalps prone to excess sebum. Green clay is also effective for problem skin.

White clay - Kaolin

Bursting with silica, white clay is particularly soft and neutral clay, which is perfect for deep cleansing and revitalization of dry, sensitive and irritated skin, as well as mature skin. With its rebalancing and sebum-regulating properties, it is suitable for all skin types.

Pink clay - Illite + Kaolin

The combination of white and red clay is particularly suitable for cleansing sensitive and delicate skin, as together they have gentle and soothing properties for the skin, while at the same time giving a revitalizing glow to dull complexions.


The mineral clay ghassoul is suitable for all skin types. Ghassoul effectively cleanses the skin and removes impurities, especially blackheads caused by sebum. The skin is left clean and soft.