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AromaStick, A scent for every situation

Lacking vitality? Feeling stressed out? Whatever your mood, there's an AromaStick to give you a boost of energy or a chance to relax. 

AromaStick is aromatherapy to go or to use at home



  • AromaSticks rely on the concentrated power of nature. 100% organic essential oils and absolutely nothing else.


  • Backed by research, AromaSticks are a fast and powerful way of triggering a response using scents.


  • Always take your AromaStick with you. Use it wherever, whenever you like for up to 6 months. No mess, no hassle, no worries!


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Relaxing AromaSticks:

  • Calm
  • Relax
  • Sleep

Energizing AromaSticks:

  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Refresh
  • Breath


The AromaStick idea is simple: pack the power of nature into a simple to use format. Twist, sniff and enjoy a boost of energy or a moment of relaxation.

Why Scents? 
Scents have a way of making us feel good. Maybe a waft of roses takes you back to the family garden.

Or the tang of pine needles to a camping trip from years gone by. But it’s not just a question of memory.

Made from hundreds of different molecules, scents work their magic by triggering the brain’s limbic system, which, in addition to memory, is also responsible for homeostasis, mood and emotion.

So, depending on their precise composition, scents can influence the body in very particular ways – and do so incredibly quickly.

That’s what makes them so very powerful.

Why an AromaStick?
There are three things that control the effectiveness of scents:

  • The quantity of scent molecules that reach the nose: the higher the concentration of odor molecules that reach the nose, the greater the number and type of receptors stimulated, leading to a larger response.
  • The exposure time: due to habituation, the longer you are exposed to an aroma, the weaker the effect.
  • The sniff: the sniff transports scent molecules to the olfactory receptors and together with the airflow-driven mechanical signals improves odor perception.

Without taking these three things into account, the use of scents will be nothing more than setting a pleasant ambient aroma.

With an AromaStick, each sniff delivers scents directly to the nose, without loss of quality or quantity and with minimal exposure. In fact, AromaSticks are so effective, that they influence the body 300% more effectively than scents released into the room
( Schneider 2016 ).




Suspended Filter Technology
The AromaStick inhaler’s patented suspended filter technology has a number of benefits:

  • The centrally held filter inside the tube guarantees perfect airflow and maximum uptake of scent molecules with each sniff
  • It prevents the oils from coming into contact with the tube, preventing diffusion of oils into the plastic and ensuring their quality with each sniff
  • Contamination free filling under vacuum

Together with Cleanhub Aromastick has committed to collect 1.1 tons of plastic.