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Mix your very own shampoo, body wash or hand soap by only adding water to the powder that you buy in an envelope

The desire for change in the cosmetics industry's consumption of plastic packaging has been the driving force for Tomas and Lukas, who, in collaboration with Aarhus University, have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in innovative ideas and intensive research in the field, and as the vision took shape, the SABBIA project also became rewarded with grants from industry stars such as Grundfos and the Foundation for Entrepreneurship. These milestones contributed directly to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and go hand in hand with SABBIAS' mission to the global pursuit of a better and cleaner future, without compromising on quality.

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SABBIA is the story of two ambitious students, Tomas and Lukas who, with visions, dreams and a relentless pursuit of a cleaner and better world, have set out on a journey to rewrite the narrative of sustainability in the cosmetics industry.

All together to create a sustainable solution that can provide a cleaner and better world for our children.

Traditional soaps consist of up to 95% water and are often packaged in single-use plastic, which is recycled to a lesser extent. SABBIA is now doing away with that thanks to their product series of powder soap in bags adapted for hand washing, body washing and hair washing respectively, where all you have to do is simply mix the powder and water in a container of your choice and shake it together. Let them rest for 20-30 minutes and you have created your own hand, body or shampoo product.

There are many advantages with SABBIA "do it yourself" soaps:

  • The bag contains the powder-based ingredients, so you don't pay for water
  • Sustainable paper packaging, i.e. no plastic waste
  • Long shelf life of the product in powder form in the bag until you mix them
  • Congratulations, you can now make your very own soap
  • Refill Zero Waste concept, refill your packaging again and again
  • Zero Waste, powerful, effective and natural hand soap, body wash or hair shampoo
  • Gentle products for both you and the planet