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Cannabis Health Culture

We are a supplier and distributor of Cannabis Health Culture 
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Cannabis Health Culture produces hemp seed oil care products.

The Cannabis Health Culture mission with their hemp seed oil care products is "Your Comfort Comes First".

Cannabis Health Culture collaborates with doctors and researchers from the Czech Republic, the EU and the rest of the world, closely monitoring compliance with international certified production processes.

The products must not be used in children under 3 years of age.

Cannabis Health Culture has chosen hemp seed oil in their care products because of its amazing properties which to a great extent benefit the skin very dry skin

Hemp seed oil properties and content:

  • Hemp seed oil is a very incredible and effective nourishment for the skin, hemp seed oil has a high content of anite oxidants that protect the skin from external factors.


In the field of cosmetics, the Cannabis Health Culture follows laws and regulations, standards and directives

Cosmetic Directive 76/768 / EEC
BS EN ISO 9001: 2009
BS EN ISO 22 716: 2008
and related regulations, regulations and standards