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Dental Floss, Interdental & toothpicks

We are the wholesale distributors for SPALT® dental floss in Denmark, Finland & Sweden 


SPLAT dental floss ensures a good cleaning of your teeth. SPLAT dental floss is added with essential oils that remedy problems around the gum and mouth, they give a healthy breath and protect against bacteria.
SPLAT has a series of 5 different types of dental floss with antibacterial functions for the gum and mouth hygiene.

  • Chilli
  • Extra Mint
  • Strawberry
  • Lime and Bergamot
  • Cardamom


You can contact us info@beauty-supply.dk or call us +45 91835577 or +45 50210911 for more informations about SPLAT® We ship to all dentist, dental shop, supermarked, shops & webshops in with in Denmark, Finland & Sweden. 

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It is important to use dental floss as it prevents bacterial coatings (plaque) on the teeth.

These flosses are developed in Italy for SPLAT with patented technology.
Clinically proven effect using SPLAT floss:

  • Reduction of plaque by 69%
  • Bleeding gums reduced by 50%

The products are manufactured under CO2 friendly conditions