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ORGANIC Beauty Supply

We are a supplier of ORGANIC Beauty Supply

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Gorgeous makeup brushes and brushes with synthetic hair and bamboo shaft in 11 variants.

  • Angled makeup brush
  • Blending & bronzing brush
  • Buffing makeup brush with round end
  • Eye blending makeup brush
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Eye smudge brush
  • Face makeup brush
  • Face makeup brush with rounded end
  • Foundation brush
  • Kabuki brush
  • Lip makeup brush
  • Eyebrow brush and brush 2 in 1


ORGANIC Beauty Supply Bamboo Hairbrush

  • Bamboo hairbrush with bamboo buds which makes the hair easy to brush through and that you also get a good scalp massage every time you pull the brush up and down through the hair.


ORGANIC Beauty Supply soap dish

  • Is made of bamboo.
  • The soap dish is a perfect place to store your hand soap, shampoo bar, face bar, shaving bar and foot bar so the water can run off.
  • Soap bars are not bactericidal if the water can be allowed to run off.


Bamboo is a renewable resource.

The use of bamboo is a perfect alternative to wood and helps to reduce deforestation worldwide, thereby helping to protect the environment and climate change.


ORGANIC Beauty Supply Glass nail file

  • The file is very gentle on the natural nail and with regular use it can help prevent splitting and peeling.
  • The nail edges are sealed while sanding so that water and dust do not penetrate between the nail plates, which is one of the reasons why the nail splits or frays.
  • Crystal glass nail files are extremely hygienic.
  • Unlike other nail files, crystal glass nail file is not porous and therefore can not absorb water and which create an environment for disease (bacterial or fungal infection).
  • Crystal glass nail files can be disinfected, boiled or sterilized or simply washed under running hot water.
  • The active surface has an almost unlimited service life.
  • Crystal nail files undergo a curing process that makes them 74% stronger than regular glass files.
  • It is therefore extremely durable and if you take good care of your file, you can have it for many years.
  • It has a really good bag size.
  • The length of the nail file is 14 cm


ORGANIC Beauty Supply Loofah Body Scrub Sponge

  • Gently but effectively remove the body's dead skin cells
  • By removing the dead skin cells on the body 1 to 2 times the skin, the new healthy skin emerges and can better absorb your body cream or body oil so that your skin gets the most out of your body care products.
  • The sponge can be used on both dry and wet skin.
  • If it is used on dry skin, do this before the bath so you can rinse off the dead skin cells
  • Scrub the skin with gentle circular motions
  • Start from the bottom and work towards hearts
  • If you have used the loofah sponge, you should hang it to dry as it is a living material that can easily form mold and mildew if it hangs in a humid environment.
  • Wash the sponge every 2-3 weeks to keep it free of bacteria, this is done by either boiling in it an aluminum-free pot or by putting it in a bowl and pouring boiling water over for 5 min.
  • The sponge is zero waste and compostable so when it is worn out or you no longer want to use it, it can be thrown in the compost pile before it is formulated


ORGANIC Beauty Supply Organic Cotton Swabs

  • They are just a "must have" in the bathroom and in the cosmetic bag.
  • Practical POP UP packaging
  • When you open the lid, the cotton swabs are raised.
  • Organic Sticks are easy to use and hygienic to use.
  • They are pointed at one end and flat at the other.
  • Super good when you need to apply eye shadow, where you apply the flat end.
  • If the mascara has been sprinkled, you can also apply the flat end under the lashes here.
  • The flat end can also be bent slightly if you need to remove a little dirt in the nose of the baby or clean the navel.
  • The pointed end is really good for straightening or removing excess eyeliner, as well as a good tool for excess nail polish on the skin when you apply nail polish.
  • Fluff free.
  • Does not contain optical white and perfume.
  • Made in Denmark