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Indus Valley

Indus Valley - organic henna hair color in 13 different colors


  • USDA
  • Organic India

ISO 9001: An ISO 2008 Company

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Indus Valley is named after a civilization existed 5000 years ago in India.

People from this civilization practiced Ayurveda (ancient science of well-being and treatment) and used Ayurvedic beauty recipes and benefited from the availability of the abundance of herbs in the jungle.

Indus Valley civilization was known for using hair care products, etc., based on herbs without side effects, the "Indus Valley" brand maintains the same spirit and is inspired to use these ingredients to produce organic henna hair dyes.

Thanks to the certification of herbs from the USDA and EcoCert, which brought the methods of growing herbs without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Certified organic herbs are part of the Indus Valley organic henna hair color.

Indus Valley is "Old is gold" - in new packages there meet our expectations for today and it want us to spare the environment and our hair.