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Pure Garden

We are supplier and distributor of Pure Garden world wide
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Pure Garden developer and tailor made organic spices and you can explore the world in a different and more exciting way.

With Pure Garden you get quality products there is ready for you and your customers.

The owners behinde Pure Garden are Maria-Louise Beuchert og Aron Hamann they both have years of experience from the spice industry.

Challenge your taste senses

  • From Pure Garden you will always find a wide selection of classic spices and blends, but they also provide access to a world of new and more unconventional organic ingredients.
  • You can get something quite ordinary - or something completely different
  • One of Pure Gardens' competencies is precisely to develop unique taste for you and your customers

Vegan Spices

  • With a group of vegans, Pure Garden have built a series of delicious classic vegan dishes using there spice mix and they are tasted to fit with the individual dishes
  • There are 6 different vegan spices mix – so jump on board and taste the world vegan style