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endro Cosmétiques

French endro Cosmètiques manufactures organic skin, hair and body care products

as well as 2 varieties of toothpaste without fluoride.

endro Cosmètique's vision is to produce natural and organic products that are understandable; "Simple, natural and effective.

The packaging used is mainly made of glass.

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Reading long convoluted ingredient lists can take anyone's breath away - and when one's expectations are not met, then one becomes regretful - so something must be done about it, and thus endro Cosmètiques was created, with a burning desire to create simple, natural and effective products that are easy to understand.


Marion is from Brittany and is a trained architect and has a great sense of adventure in her. She is a creative person with many visions - and she loves to put them into practice.

She herself was not a big consumer of cosmetic products - but had a great desire to focus on transparent production.

Her good friend Boris is also from Brittany. He has always wanted to work for the benefit of health and the environment. After he became aware of the extent of plastic pollution in Asia, he volunteered to work with all the challenges that might arise - the most important thing is that it just makes sense.


Shocked by plastic pollution in certain parts of the world and worried about the future, they decided to say goodbye to plastic and redundant ingredients in daily care and hygiene products. In Breton, Endro also means "environment", "nature", a nod to our region of origin, Brittany.