About us

Organic Beauty Supply ApS imports and distributes organic beauty products in Denmark, scandinavia and Europe.

If you and your company wish to get into our angency and work with us, feel free to contact us at info@beauty-supply.dk for more information, setup and prices.

 We act and do not hesitate - We love to work with unknown innovative organic products / brands who want to establish themselves on the danish market. We take pride in our work with unknown brands in Denmark, and do our very best to make them a successful.

We appreciate the close B2B relationships with our customers.

We distribute to clinics, spa and wellness, clothing stores, wholesalers, online-shops, chains and hotels with in Europe

Our mission is to contribute to the danish consumers offered a much wider range of innovative organic beauty products at reasonable and competitive prices.

We strive to always be:

  • a natural step ahead with the introduction of exciting new organic beauty trends

  • the customers' natural choice no.1 when new organic beauty

  • selling beauty products with care and respect for the earth and the environment

We are convinced that the danes really, really want to buy significantly more organic beauty products when the wide selection is available on the shelves in Denmark.





Paper Water Bottle™, Luna Nectar, Corc Yoga, SWISH®, ORGAID, Endure Beauty,FRESH BODY®, GladRags & Terra Ties, Q-Organic, CANDELA, Fra Fejø and wholi



Paper Water Bottle™, Luna Nectar, Corc Yoga, SWISH®, ORGAID, Endure Beauty, FRESH BODY®, GladRags, Terra Ties, Q-Organic & CANDELA





schmidt's Naturals, Numre, Veg-Up®, biomed®, SPLAT®, INDUS VALLEY, Love & Green, Propolia®, Cannabis Health Culture, Aromastick, Lamazuna, HYDROPHIL, TurBliss, WOOM, Fair Squred, Bio Happy, Iva Natura, Alteya Organics, Kivvi Cosmetics, Naturativ, INNOVA, the Lekker company, Rebel & PRITI NYC



Paper Water Bottle™, Fair Zone, TIO, KLAPP, Olivia Garden, Pandoo, GladRags, Rice & Carry, Terra Ties, The Sustainable People, HYDROPHIL & BIOMIO



KaLOHAS, PURE GARDEN, SWISH®, Propolia®, DELI FAIR, Q-Organic, CANDELA, Fra Fejø and wholi



Propolia®, The Sustainable People, Rice & Carry


Introduce and sell organic products and brands on the Danish market through our partners.

  • Beauty Salons

  • Hairdressers

  • Lifestyle stores

  • Wholesalers

  • Web shops

  • Chains

  • Hotels


If you wish to sell our products, you can apply for a reseller login here: https://organicbeautysupply.dk/apply-for-user/

We work tireless to offer the best possible customer service and greatly appreciate the close relationships with our partnes.


Marketing of brands:

  • Social Media

  • Relevant Fairs

  • Event / Customer Evenings

  • Customer visits



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