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Vegan Zero Waste

We are a supplier and distributor of zero and less waste products in beauty, lifestyle and household.

Read more at the bottom of the page and see the many brands.

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Zero waste and less waste products are very up to date and we are happy to offer you and your store both beauty, yoga, household and lifestyle products from


  • Alteya Organics
  • Endure Beauty
  • Organic Beauty Supply
  • Pandoo
  • Paper Water Bottle
  • terra ties
  • The Sustainable People
  • TIO
  • TurBliss
  • Vömel


We live in the world where waste accumulates and therefore many have gradually become aware of whether they can be eliminated to create less waste

Living zero waste or less waste is actually not as cumbersome as many people think, it's just about doing the right thing and sorting the waste correctly so that it can be recycled.