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Biodynamically produced Danish hemp tea is hand-picked and dried on Bornholm

A real Danish entrepreneurial story with a heart in the right place. Read the story of Signe and Emmanuel's journey, from idea to development there are 8 different and very special hemp teas.

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Bornholmerhampen consists of Signe and Emmanuel, Denmark and Argentina in a wonderful association on Bornholm, together they have worked with hemp for six years. With backgrounds in the academic world and in IT, they both wanted to change their working lives, get closer to the nature that surrounds them and help make a difference in relation to a greener and more balanced lifestyle. They start to take an interest in and look into the future: What is needed in Denmark and in the world? Increased focus on green thoughts and actions, sustainable production and lifestyle, calm and meaningfulness, grounding.

The question was, could all this be transformed into meaningful work?


They started seeing hemp in stores, researched it further and found that hemp is a super sustainable plant:

Hemp is a plant that is good for the climate and the environment

With vigorous leaf growth, hemp converts large amounts of CO2 into oxygen during photosynthesis

Does not torment the farmer's land

In short, hemp is a tasty superfood

Super sustainable → climate-friendly food

Potentially has a multitude of uses


All this, in combination with the green visions for Bornholm, made them think: Bornholm is the place to start a green hemp adventure.

Their vision is to make a contribution to a green transition via the work with hemp.

They were also around the Bornholm local island archive and could read that there is an old tradition of growing hemp on Bornholm. Thus, the Royal Danish Landhusholdningsselskabsskrifter (ed. 1804) refers to hemp as a widespread commercial plant on Bornholm.

With the development of industrial hemp, which is a refined hemp, it has again become possible to grow hemp legally and utilize all of hemp's potential.

Their niche product: biodynamic hemp tea - the Nordic green herbal tea - one of the most sustainable teas on the market:

Year 1: organic - / year 2: biodynamic

Biodynamics is based on a holistic understanding of the interaction between nature, agriculture, and the cosmos of which we are all apart. That is attention to the phases of the moon, the position of the planets in relation to the constellations (which by the way was quite common among farmers to be aware of before we got the super efficient industrial agriculture) and actually we all know that we are influenced by the sun, plants must have light to grow, the moon is important for ebb and flow - and the human hormone balance, etc.

No pesticides or herbicides + homeopathic preparations to
strengthen soil and plants

The biodynamic method is the best for sequestering CO2 in the soil

Biodynamic methods strengthen biodiversity in and around the field

The high content of protein in biodynamic wheat

Chefs' interest in biodynamic products: better taste! This is due, among other things, to the silicon preparation that is spread over the plants, silicon helps to strengthen photosynthesis and sugar production in the individual plant, which in turn has great importance for the taste of the final food

The hemp is harvested by hand! Challenge and quality mark

With the hemp tea to offer with a Nordic green herbal tea, grown under sustainable conditions, many teas from Asia are sprayed with pesticides, no long transport from Asia

In Bornholmerhampen, they try to incorporate a circular way of thinking in all their production, so that there is as little waste as possible in production, which also harmonizes well with the biodynamic way of thinking: the philosophy is precise that the individual farm must be able to function as one organism, where plants and animals are part of a balanced production and in interaction with the surroundings.

Thus, they have established a collaboration with the company Økolyst: Økolyst produces biodynamic ginger and turmeric shots, they then buy the press cake made from ginger and turmeric and use these as a flavoring agent in the two mixtures we have with ginger and turmeric.

From the hemp stalks that they have left after using leaves and flowers for tea, they are developing a sustainable building material in collaboration with a major Danish architectural firm - more on this later in the process!

The story of the teen

What exactly is tea? In short, tea is a beverage made by the simple process of pouring hot water over aromatic leaves. Did you know that after water, tea is the most consumed liquid in the world? Tea is available in a myriad of varieties. Here, i.a. include green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, rooibos tea (red tea), matcha tea, fruit tea, and herbal tea. Actually, tea is understood as leaves from the tea bush camellia Sinensis. Tea originally comes from China, where it was considered a drink with healing effects. The leaves of the tea bush also contain caffeine as we know it from coffee, which is why it was also a popular drink during the working day. The tea was via. Portuguese merchants were brought to Europe in the 16th century. Especially in England, tea gained traction during the 17th century, where it is still the preferred hot drink to this day.

Herbal tea and fruit tea are terms used for tea brewed on dried fruit or herbs, which therefore do not contain the leaves of the tea bush. on the other hand, they are often supplemented with old medicinal herbs. Here we can mention types of tea such as chamomile tea, rosehip tea, rose tea, or hemp tea. At Bornholmerhampen, they focus on the production of 100% biodynamic hemp tea.


Hampetea is an extremely tasty tea that has rightly increased in popularity in recent years. In terms of taste, it has a slightly spicy taste and can remind a little of a mild green tea. The hemp tea at Bornholmerhampen is produced from biodynamic industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is a refined variety of hemp where the euphoric substance THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) has been extracted from the plant. Hampeteen works excellently both as lunch tea or evening tea, or simply for a moment with a moment of peace and contemplation. Hemp also tastes really good, and at Bornholmerhampen, it is produced 100 percent biodynamically, without the use of pesticides.