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We are suppliers for DENTTABS

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DENTTABS are natural and organic toothpaste tablets and you can get without and with fluoride
They are free of micro-plastic and are packed in a biodegradable bag made from corn starch.
Toothpaste tablets dissolve with your saliva and disperse in your mouth before brushing.
DENTTABS is not only brushing your teeth its also polishes them and removes plaque as well as prevents caries and removes the bacteria that form the breeding ground for teeth in the teeth.
No problem ingredients

  • Many so-called "aids", such as preservatives, germ inhibitors, stabilizers, PEG, etc., which are not needed in DENTTABS because they are produced in tablet form
  • You will be surprised how effective they are on your gums
  • The toothpaste tablets contain only 11 ingredients

DENTTABS is manufactured in Germany