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Bornholmerhampen - Organic Nordic herbal tea with lemon verbena

Bornholmerhampen - Organic Nordic herbal tea with lemon verbena

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The herbal tea from Bornholmerhampen is one of the Nordic countries' most sustainable green lightly spiced herbal teas in a beautiful, balanced combination with organic lemon verbena also known as lemon verbena.

At Bornholmerhampen, they try to incorporate a circular way of thinking in all their production, so that there is as little waste as possible in production, which also harmonizes well with the biodynamic way of thinking: the philosophy is precisely that the individual farm must be able to function as one organism, where plants and animals are part of a balanced production and in interaction with the surroundings.



  • Prepare the tea with boiling water and let it steep for 10 - 12 minutes and enjoy a moment of peace, tranquility and contemplation
  • The tea can also be brewed as a cold brew for the summer: 2 teaspoons/ 225 ml cold water/ 24 hours - this gives a nice clear and golden cold brew with sparkling particles, a full flavor with notes of lemongrass, fresh thyme, and a slightly peppery aftertaste.


Lemon verbena, also known as lemon verbena, originally comes from Chile and Argentina, where it is widely used in tea.


Organic and biodynamic:

  • Hemp from Denmark (DK-ØKO-100 Danish Agriculture)
  • Lemongrass from Denmark (DK-ØKO-100 Danish / EU agriculture)


The organically certified biodynamic Danish produced hemp tea is handpicked, sorted and dried on Bornholm.

Hemp tea consists of dried leaves from the hemp plant, which is a variant of the EU-registered so-called industrial hemp, which is characterized by not having a euphoric effect.

The hemp tea in combination with lemon iron herb, balances the spicy flavor from the hemp and makes this tea fresh, pleasant and soft.

The tea can be enjoyed at any time, morning, noon and evening.

An absolutely fantastic cup of good night tea.



  • EU organic (European organic certification)
  • Organic (Danish state-controlled ecology)


The packaging is made of paper.

Inci / Ingrediens dried leaves from the hempplant*B 67% (industrial hemp) lemon verbena*B 33% *=Organic B=biodynamic
Retail price in Euro 7,38
Content 35g
Colli 6 pcs
Country of Origin Denmark

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