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Pure Garden - Organic & Vegan Falafel Mix

Pure Garden - Organic & Vegan Falafel Mix

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Falafel comes from the Middle East and the recipes have often been past down from generations to generations and each family often has their own way of making this dish so it´s almost impossible to make what you have tasted, but with Pure Garden Falafel Mix you can be sure to get the same good taste every time, you can also vary the taste by adding fresh coriander, paprika, garlic or chili.


Enjoy the falafel in a salad, in pita bread, in a durum roll, or in rice dishes or just enjoy it as a delicious snack


You will find recipes in pictures below to print out to your customers

May contain gluten

DK-ECO-100 EU / non-EU agriculture


Pure Garden Falafel Mix is deliver in a zero waste metal can with straw hat

Inci / Ingrediens salt, cumin *, sesame seeds *, coriander *, onion *, garlic *, black pepper *, chili mix (pepper, chili) *, parsley * - *Organic ingredients
Retail price in Euro 3,35
Content 60 g
Colli 9 pcs.
Country of Origin Denmark

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