Get your Organic Protein with Q-SHAKE

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Get your Organic Protein with Q-SHAKE

Get your organic proteins with Q-SHAKE


Q-Organic produce Q-SHAKE which is a plant-based organic nutritional supplement for the daily diet.


It is easy to prepare and is a natural and 100% organic shake consisting of very nutritious quinoa as known for its high quality proteins, fiber and minerals.



Q-SHAKE comes in 5 different flavors:


Qoinoa Natural


Quinoa & Lucuma


Quinoa & Blueberries


Quinoa & Raw Cocoa


Quinoa & Raw Cocoa Yacon


Drink your proteins and get both amino acids, important vitamins and minerals in a single serving.





Add a bag of Q-SHAKE powder to your milk, plantbased milk, juice, smoothie or water.

You can see the nutritional value under all Q-SHAKES


Here's how you do it:


Add the letter with Q-SHAKE powder to your milk, favorite juice, smoothie or water


Stir or shake it together in a closed container for 1 minute and your tasty protein shake is ready - Enjoy!




It can also be sprinkled over yogurt, mixed with cornflakes, or other breakfast products, or added to your favorite cake.

If you eat it on yoghurt or skyr, you can get a little of the Q-Organic´s Award winning on top of Satipo Temptation criollo cocoa beans on top.





Q-shake protein powders are:


Gluten free






Non-EU agriculture

Danish eco-label





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