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Pandoo - Drinking Bottle in Stainless Steel - 750ml

Pandoo - Drinking Bottle in Stainless Steel - 750ml

24,03 EUR

(incl. VAT)

List price 24,03 EUR (incl. VAT)

Model/Product no.: 4260648830162
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Pandoo reusable stainless steel drinking bottle is super convenient to carry on the go and you can save our environment from unnecessary plastic.

The lid is made of bamboo and ends tightly with a BPA-free silicone ring.

The lid has a small handle so that the bottle is easy to carry in your hand.

The bottle can withstand dishwasher, but clean the lid by hand with lukewarm water and a little dish soap.


Are the bottles tasteless?

  • Yes, the bottles are tasteless. However, since we have become very used to the taste of plastic bottles, metal bottles may be unusual for some at first
  • If you are more sensitive to taste, you can leave a mixture of baking powder and water in your bottle overnight, which should completely neutralize the taste!


Are the bottles also suitable for carbonated beverages?

  • Yes, the bottle is suitable for carbonated drinks.
  • It is only important to ensure that the lid is closed tightly
  • If your bottle is shaken during transport, gently unscrew the cap


Is the bottle suitable for cold drinks only or can you use it for hot drinks as well?

  • It is only suitable for cold drinks


Bottle dimensions and volume:

  • Height: 23.4 cm (including lid)
  • Low: diameter 5.9 cm
  • Bottom: diameter of 7 cm
  • The sealing ring has a diameter of 45 mm.
  • Filling quantity: 750 ml


The bottle comes in a box made of recyclable cardboard

Inci / Ingrediens Stainless Steel, Bamboo, Silicone
Retail price in Euro 24,03
Content 1 pcs.
Colli 12 pcs.
Country of Origin China

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