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Pandoo - Bamboo Toilet Paper

Pandoo - Bamboo Toilet Paper

10,60 EUR

(incl. VAT)

List price 10,60 EUR (incl. VAT)

Model/Product no.: 4280001327870
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Pandoo manufactures sustainable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable 3-layer soft bamboo toilet paper.


  • Pandoo bamboo toilet paper is climate neutral.
  • 100% pure bamboo mass
  • The roll is made of recycled cardboard


The package contains 8 rolls of 3-layer toilet paper, which are delivered in a paper wrapper made from recyclable paper.


Bamboo is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource that grows much faster than trees and can be harvested after 3-5 years, whereas trees grow significantly slower.


Every other industrially felled tree in the world is transformed into paper of various kinds.

Inci / Ingrediens 100% bamboo pulp
Retail price in Euro 10,60
Content 1 package contains 8 rolls
Colli 6 pcs.
Country of Origin China

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