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Olivia Garden® - Fingerbrush Combo pastel pink - Medium

Olivia Garden® - Fingerbrush Combo pastel pink - Medium

21,34 EUR

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List price 21,34 EUR (incl. VAT)

Model/Product no.: 5414343008534
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Olivia Garden® manufactures brushes for professional use.

The Fingerbrush hairbrush in medium is a lovely medium-sized hairbrush, which is curved in its design, which means that it fits very well to the head.

The bristles of the brush gently stimulate and massage the scalp, with its round knobs, while you brush the hair and thereby stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which promotes your hair growth.

The brush also has natural boar bristles, which give the hair the very special property that the natural oils from the scalp are distributed throughout the hair strands when you brush.

The hair becomes shinier, the lengths become healthier and the scalp less greasy, which means that the number of hair washes is reduced.

It is absolutely recommendable for filtered hair, both for adults and children.

The brush has a hole in the handle, which makes it possible to hang it up.

Measurements of the brush: Length: 27cm, Width 7cm and depth 4cm

The hairbrush must be sorted for Plastic waste when it is worn out.

Retail price in Euro 21,34
Content 1 pc.
Colli 6 psc.
Country of Origin USA