GladRags - Pantyliners - Zero Waste

GladRags - Pantyliners - Zero Waste

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Snap the zero waste and organic pantyliner around your underwear for light days protection that's blissfully soft.

Made with natural, breathable cotton, this pantyliner is so comfy you'll hardly know you're wearing one!

It has wings and with metal press lock.

Gladrag's panty liners are manufactured without any kind of plastic, glue, PUL and optical white that can be found in comparable products.


Comes in assorted color


Washing and cleaning

  • After use, remove the insert from the binding itself
  • The binders and inserts are soaked in cold water - may be used. rinse thoroughly first
  • They are machine-washed at the lowest temperature and can be tumbled at low temperature or air dried
  • Do not use bleach, castile soap or fabric softener
  • Quickly remove the pillows from the dryer and store them flat to remove wrinkles
  • If you want to iron them, they can be ironed on very low heat but otherwise smooth them out by hand before putting them in place
  • Discolouration may occur in the fabric but this does not mean that the bindings and inserts are not completely clean to use


They have over 25 years of experience in zero waste sanitary napkins and panty liners so you can be completely safe using their products.

Their products are of very high quality and therefore many years of durability and are very durable.

GladRags was founded in 1993 by Brenda Mallory and Karen Paule and is based in Portland, Oregon.




Retail price 17,32
Inci Cotton
Content 1 pcs.
Colli 6 pcs.
Country of Origin USA

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