HYDROPHIL - Size 1 Interdental Brushes 0,45mm

HYDROPHIL - Size 1 Interdental Brushes 0,45mm

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HYDROPHIL interdental brushes for daily use in size 0.45mm with 6 pcs. in a package

By using interdental brushes daily you get a more thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums, they come in for the toothbrush can not

The handle on the HYDROPHIL interdental brush is made of Moso bamboo as well as BPA-free bristles.

Moso bamboo grows naturally in China and therefore does not require artificial irrigation, fertilizer or other pesticides (pandas do not harvest where they live)


  • Used without toothpaste but moistened with cold water
  • The interdental brush gently pushes in between the teeth and gently massage back and forth sometimes
  • In any case, do not press with force as you can tear the gums
  • To get a good cleaning, you can slightly set the brush slightly and brush in the "X direction"
  • If you do not get the brush between the teeth, choose a smaller size
  • If it's lightweight and the brush barely touches your teeth, you can grab a larger size
  • Plaque and food residue are easily rinsed by the brush under running cold water
  • Brush your teeth afterwards
  • The brush changes either after a week or 14 days

Ask your dentist or dentist for advice if you are unsure about the size and use of it

To compost and sort:

  • If you want to compost the shaft on the brush you can pull the brush with a pair of pliers without the bamboo handle
  • Throw the bamboo into the compost and brush for ordinary waste


  • Keep out of reach of small children
Retail price 5,23
Inci bamboo, metal, BPA-free bristles (Nylon 612)
Content 6 pcs.
Colli 10 psc.
Country of Origin China

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