Bio-KaLOHAS Organic Green Kale is produced in Denmark


We are exclusive supplies for all of EUROPE!

Danish organic freeze dried kale in serving bags, a convenient way to get many vitamins, minerals and functional nutrients everyday.

2 g of freeze dried organic green cabbage = 24 g of fresh green cabbage


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The benefits of the good Danish-produced organic Green Kale

  • Low calorie, high fiber content has zero fat and is filled with a good dose of nitrites
  • High iron content
  • High content of vitamin K - A and C
  • Packed with powerful antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • High calcium content


The Danish ECO Certified Freeze-dried Green Kale  Bio-KaLOHAS

  • 100% clean
  •  Without GMO


Bio-KaLOHAS is Certified

  • Organic - State-controlled
  • German Bio Siegel
  • Halal


Application proposal

  • Can be mixed in smoothies with eg. orange, ginger, lemon, fruit and berries or make your own blend that you thought tastes like you.
  • Dry over for example. breakfast cereal or yogurt
  • Together with a glass of water, apple juice or milk approx. 25 ml. ½ part of the bag (1g) is used

Fold the double-click bag and a piece of paper so that the cauliflower is ready for the next day.


Bio-KaLOHAS Organic Green Cabbage is an old-fashioned variety and nature's ultimate source of vegetable protein and fiber containing all nine essential amino acids.