TIOMATIK electric toothbrushes

TIO is made of plants
From bristles to handle, TIO is entirely made of biopolymers, based on fast growing plants.

During their photosynthesis, plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere while releasing pure oxygen.

This significantly reduces TIOs carbon footprint even when it’s ultimately dumped and used for thermal utilization it stays climate-neutral.
Furthermore the material of our replaceable heads is biodegradable (acc EN 13432) which prevents micro plastics.

The dispense of fossil based raw oil and additives like BPA ensures that TIO goes well with your health.

TIO an extraordinary toothbrush
As it appears at first glance TIO is di ferent from all the other toothbrushes out there. In TIO we’ve united the results of an extensive material research with a holistic design approach.
The result is a thoughtful reinterpretation of the manual toothbrush which is optimized towards an improved sustainability in every aspect.