Parissa - Organic Wax

Parissa - Organic Wax

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Made with USDA certified organic cane sugar, this washable hair remover is gentle on skin and the environment.


Suitable for medium & fine hair types, it can be used everywhere on the body for smooth skin that lasts for weeks.


3 Easy Steps: 

  • 1. warm organio wax  
  • 2. apply thin layer  
  • 3. zip off with strips


Ideal for: sensitive skin, beginners and pros


  • Contains: 240ml organic cane sugar wax, 30 washable strips, easy to follwo photo instructions, 3 spatulas


Satisfaction Guaranteed: Read instructions and cautions before use 




Retail price 249,00
Inci sucrose*, aqua, citric acid, glycerin, chamomilla recutita flower extract* - *Certified Organic
Content 240ml organic cane sugar wax, 30 washable strips, 3 spatulas, easy to follow photo instructions
Colli 12 pcs.

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