ORGANIC Beauty Supply - Glass nail file

ORGANIC Beauty Supply - Glass nail file

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The nail file is made of highly hardened calcareous glass, which ensures a long life as well as a gentle and efficient manicure.

The file is very gentle by the natural nail and with regular use it can help prevent splitting and peeling.

The nail polishes are sealed while sanding so that water and dust do not penetrate the nail plates, which is one of the reasons for nail slits or flakes.

Crystal glass nail file is extremely hygienic.

Unlike other nail files, crystal glass nail file is not porous and therefore can not absorb water and create an environment for disease (bacterial or fungal infection).

Crystal glass nail files can be disinfected, boiled or sterilized or simply washed under running hot water.

The active surface has an almost unlimited lifetime.

Crystal nail files are subjected to a curing process that makes them 74% stronger than regular glass files.

It is therefore extremely durable and fits your file well, you can have it for many years.

It has a very good bag size 

The lengths is 14 cm 

Retail price 39,00
Inci Calcareous glass
Content 1 pcs.
Colli 48 pcs.

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