ORGANIC Beauty Supply - Makeup Luxury Organic Sticks

ORGANIC Beauty Supply - Makeup Luxury Organic Sticks

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Organic Sticks for multiple purposes.
They are just a "must have" in the bathroom and in cosmetics pouch.
Practical POP UP packaging
When you open the lid raised swabs.
Organic Sticks are easy usable and hygienic in use.
They are round at one end and flat at the other.
Super good to put on with eye shadow due to the flat end, and run any of the sprinkle maraca with less lash.
The flat end can also curl it andelse if you have to remove some sleaze in the nose of a baby or clean the navel.
The pointed end is really good at correcting or removing eyeliner with, and you've got a little nail polish on the edge the skin removes it without you hit the lacquer on the nail.
Does not contain optical brighteners and perfume.

Produced in Denmark

Retail price 15,00
Inci organic cotton
Content 85 pcs
Colli 10 pcs.

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