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Magnesium Goods - Sports & Massagegel

Magnesium Goods - Sports & Massagegel

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End muscle pain and muscle cramps - A MUST HAVE in every sports bag!

Muscle pain after an intensely active day or workout? or do you generally just feel soreness and fatigue in the muscles and maybe you also have difficulty falling asleep?

One of the most likely causes is probably magnesium deficiency. This mineral is responsible for muscle relaxation and it is essential for athletes to get the necessary rest where muscles can recover.

The level of magnesium in the body during physical activity decreases intensively in the body and the body can become deficient in magnesium.

Magnesium helps strengthen muscles and protect them from injury.

So how do you enrich your body with magnesium? Simple and effective with the specially developed magnesium gel. It combines natural magnesium with eucalyptus and camphor, which warms and intensifies muscle nutrition by improving blood flow. Magnesium ions penetrate the skin during massage.

The powerful interaction between the components provides rapid warming and supplies the muscles with energy before physical activity and also supplements magnesium loss afterwards.

It is an effective way to supply magnesium to muscles and joints.

By massaging just 1 teaspoon of magnesium gel (325 pure magnesium ions) into your skin every day, you cover your recommended daily value of magnesium by 80%.

Magnesium + Massage = Effect beyond comparison

Magnesium Gel is the best way to replenish magnesium deficits in muscles and joints, and bring your body into balance.

Magnesium content: 53.5%

Skin Type: Normal

Facts about magnesium in sports:

Magnesium is necessary for muscle energy
Our body critically needs magnesium during stress, including pre-start stress
The mineral is actively depleted from our body during exercise due to increased sweating and muscle use
For maximum physical activity and performance in the muscle
The best way to deliver magnesium directly to joints, bones and ligaments is through the skin
Magnesium therapy is the best way to address sports-related injuries or intense exercise
To maintain the correct magnesium level, use the gel daily


In sports

Maximal muscle contraction is directly proportional to the magnesium content of blood serum. Therefore, it is important to enrich areas with the magnesium gel during increased training. Apply before and after training.

Apply a small amount of gel to necessary areas, massage intensively.

Remember! Muscular endurance and general work efficiency increase with increasing magnesium content in our body.


For massage

Apply a small amount of gel and on the massage area
After 20-30 minutes, most of the magnesium ions will have fully penetrated your cells
Excess gel can be wiped away with a cloth or washed off
The sensation of light tingling is a sign that mineral oil components are active!

On sensitive skin, you should alternatively use Magnesium Mild Lotion, which has a lower magnesium content of 19.5%, where you do not get the tingling sensation.



For external use only
It is recommended to test on a small area of the skin to possibly hypersensitivity
In case of accidental eye contact, immediately rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical attention
Keep out of reach of children

Inci / Ingrediens Magnesiumchlorid, Aqua, Propylenglycol, Xanthangummi, Camphor, Abies Sibirica Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Limonen, Citral, Geraniol, Linalool
Allergens Limonen, Citral, Geraniol, Linalool
Retail price in Euro 18,66
Content 150ml.
Colli 12 pcs
Country of Origin Ukraine

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