HYDROPHIL Sisal scrub pouch for soap

HYDROPHIL Sisal scrub pouch for soap

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HYDROPHIL sisal scrubbing bag remove the dead skin cells and fit with HYDROPHIL lemon grass soap and lavender soap.
The soap is placed in the sisal scrub bag and will form a soft foam of soap while scrubbing the dead skin cells of the body with gentle circular movements.
The sisal bag should not be used on the face and throat of the skin that is too fine for the structure of the sisal bag to scrub.
It is important to rinse the sisal bag thoroughly after washing and soak it to dry without soap in it. Place the soap in a soap bowl or something else that drains water to drain.
If you put the soap in the bag and put the bag instead of hanging it to dry the bag will start to mold and the bag will then be attacked by bacteria as sisal is a living material.
You should remember to wash and care your sisal bag approx. 14 days, and do this best by putting it soaked in soapy water for approx. 10-15 min and then rinse it thoroughly with clean water and hang to dry, thus you will enjoy your sisal bag for a long time.

The bag is delivered without packaging. Therefore, it is a good idea to wash it as described before using it.


TIP: When your HYDROPHIL sisal scrubbing bag is worn out, use it as a drain at the bottom of your gardens pots by cutting it into small pieces and placing the bottom of the garden pots before you add soil.

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