We are distributor for SUMI HOUSE in EUROPE

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SUMI HOUSE charcoal cushion will effectively removes odor and moisture from the refrigerator and extends the life of your fruit and vegetables.


The pad contains 200g of activated charcoal made from bamboo.


The bamboo charcoal is chemical free and comes from Vietnam.



SUMI HOUSE charcoal stick cleans approx. 3 to 3.5 liters of water in 4-5 hours.


The comes in 3 sizes small - medium - Large


SUMI HOUSE-charcoal-stick have microscopic holes and it is the fine mesh of small holes there have the absorbent effect there binds odors and other harmful substances.


Absorption is the code word for the natural process which gives charcoal the cleansing effect, since it have an effect on the ability of a particle to retain a molecule in the inner or outer surface.


SUMI HOUSE-charcoal-stick needs to be reactivated once a month, which is done simply by boiling it for a few minutes and then it will be working again.


SUMI HOUSE charcoal-stick have a service life of approx. 3 months, after which it can advantageously be plunged into the ground where it releases masses of minerals to your plants.


The bamboo charcoal stick is chemical free and comes from Vietnam.


See on the video how you activate the stick