Pure Garden - Organic & Vegan Garam Masala

Pure Garden - Organic & Vegan Garam Masala

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The Indian cuisine is known for its composition of spices and Garam Masala is a classic and here you have the opportunity to get taste the same every time you make it and it will definitely be a hit in the family as the taste of salt, coriander, ginger , paprika, black pepper, garlic, cardamom, cumin, onion, cinnamon, chili mix (pepper, chili) and cloves will hit their taste buds

It can be served as a delicious protein side dish for your salad with roasted chickpeas or edamama beans with a sprinkle of Garam Masala over them

You can cut tofu, seitan or tempeh in the cubes and massage them into the spice mixture and roasted them in the oven or grill until they become crispy and delicious, they can be eaten with salad, use them also in pita bread, durum rolls or serve them as small delicious tapas pieces.

Garam Masala can also be used in classic Indian dishes with lots of vegetables at your choice.

You will find recipes in pictures below to print out to your customers

May contain traces of gluten

DK-ECO-100 EU / non-EU agriculture

Pure Garden Garam Masala is deliver in a zero waste metal can of straw

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Inci salt, coriander *, ginger *, paprika *, black pepper *, garlic *, cardamom *, cumin *, onion *, cinnamon *, chili mix (pepper, chili) *, cloves * - * Organic ingredients
Content 55g
Colli 9 pcs.

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