We are a distributor and supplier of below brands in Europe

Fido Mio is sustainable fur care brushes for dogs and Cats

The brush is made of bamboo, sisal and natural rubber.

Fido Mio is a Danish brand and comes in 2 sizes


Corc Yoga produces as the word says yoga mats and yoga equipment, but has a penchant for both animals and humans, so the four-legged friend of the house should of course also have a cork mat


  • The founder of CORC YOGA is an adventurer by heart and when she discovered beautiful Portugal she immediately fell in love with the people and was inspired to start a business and give the people goodness in return
  • She learned during her stay that half of the world's cork supply comes from Portugal and also found out how many amazing products can be created from cork
  • Together with the factory's 3rd generation cork expert, the collaboration arose to develop an environmentally friendly and organic yoga mat


  • Portugal has an impressive industry that is at all levels created to protect the environment for production purposes
  • According to Portuguese law, you can only shave the cork trees every 9 years, so that the trees naturally regenerate their bark, thereby ensuring that there is no increase in predation on nature.
  • This natural process keeps the trees healthy so they can live up to 200 years