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Gum and mints only temporarily hide the problem and contain artificial ingredients.

We want a solution that’s healthy, tastes amazing, and works.

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SWISH is a quick-dissolving, sugar-free formula that eliminates bad breath at the source by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria. 

No toxic sweeteners, harsh chemicals or junk ingredients. 

Get on-the-go mouthwash freshness without the hassle! Just pour, swish and you're good to go. 



SWISH optimizes the pH level in your mouth for a just-brushed clean feeling that lasts.

Sugar-free, 100% xylitol-sweetened, natural flavors, no artificial colors, gluten-free, vegan- and keto-friendly. 


Created by a California PhD organic chemist, SWISH is a patented fresh breath powder that's 100% xylitol sweetened.

It took over five years to develop a formula that optimally raises pH levels in the mouth (especially in hard to reach spots like the back of the tongue) to kill bacteria and neutralize the chemical compounds that cause bad breath.With SWISH, bad breath isn’t masked—it’s gone for good.


Plus, clinical studies have shown that using xylitol daily may reduce the risk of tooth decay and improve overall oral health.


And because SWISH is used on its own - no water, toothbrush or floss needed - you can be fresh-breath confident anywhere, anytime.


Simple. Convenient. Awesome.


SWISH is the quickest, most convenient way to get fresh breath in a flash. 

Each 1.5 gram serving (about ¼ tsp) optimizes the pH level in your mouth for a just-brushed clean-feeling that lasts.


Here’s how to use it:

  • Pour the powder onto your tongue. Its energizing foaming action starts working fast
  • Vigorously swish for 10 seconds or more then swallow - no water, toothbrush or floss needed
  • That's it! Use three times daily to keep your breath fresh all day long




What is SWISH, though?

  • It's a quick dissolving, sugar-free powder that optimizes the pH level in your mouth to leave you with a just-brushed feeling that lasts for hours


How does it taste?

  • We've got three great flavors for you to try: candy mint, peppermint, and spearmint
  • They contain only natural flavors, are vegan, keto, zero calories, and just one carb per serving


But I already use gum and mints. Why switch it up?

  • Because you can. Gum and mint technology is outdated
  • They only temporarily mask the problem, where we stop bad breath at its source
  • Our patented formula neutralizes odor-causing bacteria to actually freshen your breath, instead of just hiding it


Okay I'm interested. How do I use it?

Now this is the really easy part.

  • As soon as you pour SWISH in your mouth, it will begin to foam (which means it's working)
  • The powder then transforms to a liquid - which is when you'll want to start swishing
  • The more vigorously you swish, the more effectively you'll target the hard-to-reach places in your mouth
  • The magic is swallowing
  • You'll target the back of your tongue, which houses lots of bad breath causing bacteria


How does it work?

  • Our patented formula is what gives SWISH its kick
  • Not only does it kill the bacteria in your mouth, it gets rid of biofilm—the nasty, sticky gunk that forms on our teeth throughout the day—and trust us, you don’t want that


When can I SWISH?

  • Anytime, really. SWISH is great for moments you want to feel your best (like before a meeting or a date), but is also a great addition to your routine when you don't feel like carrying your toothbrush and paste around. Post-gym? Perfect. Pre-work? Absolutely


Can SWISH help me if I have a sweet tooth?

  • Oh yea. SWISH helps optimize pH level in the mouth, which means sugar from candy or sweets doesn't have time to turn into cavity-causing acid
  • (Insider tip: if you're craving a sweet, we recommend our candy mint flavor: it packs a big hit of sweet, but without sugar, calories, or carbs.)


Spit or swallow?

  • It's up to you! We recommend swallowing so SWISH can kill the bacteria at the back of your tongue
  • Plus, our three flavors are delish (and not to mention all-natural, sugar-free, and okay for vegans or those on a keto or gluten-free diet)


My pet's breath stinks. Can they SWISH?

  • Unfortunately, not. SWISH contains xylitol, which is great for humans but can be toxic for animals


What about my kids? Theirs can get pretty stinky, too

  • Absolutely! Studies show that xylitol is great for kids’ teeth, so it can be a healthy and fun snack


I'm pregnant. Is it still okay to SWISH?

  • For sure! And bonus: if you have an upset stomach, the sodium bicarbonate in SWISH can help settle an upset stomach