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Bornholmerhampen - biodynamic Nordic herbal tea

Bornholmerhampen - biodynamic Nordic herbal tea

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List price 8,72 EUR (incl. VAT)

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Biodynamic, organic and the Nordic region's most sustainable green, lightly spiced herbal tea is one of the market's most unique teas of its kind.

Biodynamics is based on a holistic understanding of the interaction between nature, agriculture and the cosmos of which we are all a part. That is attention to the phases of the moon, the position of the planets in relation to the constellations, which by the way was quite common among farmers (before industrial agriculture) to be aware of.

And really, we all also know that we are influenced by the sun, plants need light to grow, the moon is important for ebb and flow - and the human hormone balance, etc.

Note, for example, chefs' interest in biodynamic foods: Better taste! This is due, among other things, to the silicon preparation that is spread over the plants, silicon helps to strengthen photosynthesis and sugar production in the individual plant, which in turn has great importance for the taste of the final food.



  • Prepare the tea with boiling water and let it steep for 10 - 12 minutes and enjoy a moment of peace, tranquility and contemplation
  • The tea can also be brewed as a cold brew for the summer: 2 teaspoons/ 225 ml cold water/ 24 hours - this gives a nice clear and golden cold brew with sparkling particles, a full flavor with notes of lemongrass, fresh thyme, and a slightly peppery aftertaste.


Organic and biodynamic:

  • Hemp from Denmark (DK-ØKO-100 Danish Agriculture)


The organically certified biodynamic Danish produced hemp tea is handpicked, sorted and dried on Bornholm.

Hemp tea consists of dried leaves from the hemp plant, which is a variant of the EU-registered so-called industrial hemp, which is characterized by not having a euphoric effect.

Hampeteen has a slightly spicy taste which can be enjoyed at any time, morning, noon and night.

An absolutely fantastic cup of good night tea.



  • Demeter (food produced biodynamically)
  • EU organic (European organic certification)
  • Organic (Danish state-controlled ecology)


The packaging is made of paper.

Inci / Ingrediens dried leaves from the hempplant*B (industrial hemp) *=Organic B=biodynamic
Retail price in Euro 8,72
Content 35g
Colli 6 pcs
Country of Origin Denmark

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