Mouth wash & oil

HYDROPHIL have a made vegan and organic mouthwash and mouth herbal oil with out fluoride for extra care of teeth, gums and oral cavity


The products are Certified Cruelty Free & Vegan


We are the wholesale distributors for HYDROPHIL in Denmark, Sweden & Norway and looking for resellers, you can contact us or call us +45 91835577 or +45 50210911 for more informations about HYDROPHIL

We ship to all beauty salons, beauty parlors and beauty shops in with in Denmark, Sweden & Norway


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Mouth wash & oil

Start your day with a fresh breeze with HYDROPHIL herbal mouthwash against bad breath without fluoride and composed of essential oils that provide an extremely good oral hygiene.

HYDROPHIL mouthwash concentrate is very dry in use, 100ml gives up to 130 liters of mouthwash!

HYDROPHIL herbal mouthwash is composed of essential oils from:

  • Peppermint,
  • sage
  • lavender
  • Tea tree
  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • as well as menthol.

To give your teeth, gums and oral cavity you can use HYDROPHIL tooth and mouth herbal oil is especially caring for irritated teeth and gums.
The tooth and mouth oil is delivered in a noble opal glass bottle and contains essential oils

  • Sage oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Anis oil
  • Cardamom oil
  • Spicy oil
  • Melia azadirachta seed oil