Replaceable Brush Head

TIO replaceable brush heads  in medium and soft

  • 100% plant-based material

TIO - from plant-based materials to sustainable toothbrush
The brush hairs are made of castor oil and toothbrush heads of sugar cane.

  • TIO - good for the environment - good for you


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Replaceable Brush Head

With TIO's innovative replaceable heads in medium or soft, you avoid 70% of the plastic waste every time you use a new toothbrush head.


Medical approved bristles in medium and soft

  • The TIO brush profile is based on the latest medical research and gives you optimal cleaning of your teeth.
  • The slightly angled and medium brush head ensures optimal navigation in the mouth and teeth
  • The angle of the toothbrush seeks to allow you to get all the way around your teeth and the rounded tips ensure the proper polishing and cleansing, and are gentle at the gums


The packaging

  • TIO's minimal packaging helps you avoid unnecessary waste



  • Crueltyfree & Vegan


German production

  • TIO is produced in Germany, with German thoroughness and quality
  • TIO has production facilities in Germany that allow TIO to ensure good working conditions and short transport times