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Reusable Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper:

Bad breath is often caused by a lack of brushing/cleaning the tongue. The surface of the tongue can have many furrows where food residues and bacteria settle.

It is completely normal to have bacteria in the mouth, but it can form a bad smell if food residues and bacteria are allowed to accumulate and sit for too long.

If the tongue has a whitish coating, it is because the bacterial colonies have been allowed to grow too large. Thorough and regular cleaning of the tongue keeps the bacteria under control.

Failure to clean the tongue can mean that it is easier to get fungus and other infections on the tongue.

A tongue scraper helps you achieve better oral hygiene. It removes coatings on the tongue and the U-shaped design makes it easy to scrape all sides and corners.


The child's first toothbrush:

When baby has to learn to brush his teeth, it is a really good idea to start with a finger toothbrush that also massages the sore gums, so that the child's first experience with a "toothbrush" will be positive.

The finger toothbrush is made of medical silicone so it is soft and comfortable for baby.