SPLAT Complete toothbrush

ORGANIC Beauty Supply are supplier of SPLAT Complete toothbrush in Denmark, Finland & Sweden

SPLAT Complete toothbrush bristles penetrate between teeth like a floss, assuring accurate cleaning of interdental spaces, perigingival tooth part and hard-to-reach areas.
Each bristle of Splat Complete toothbrush is narrowed to the top, what ensures ideal cleaning.
Bristle tips have various colours depending on degree of hardness.
Discoloration of tips indicates the necessity to replace the brush with a new one.
Thin bristles of Splat Complete toothbrushes resemble feather hairs, what is reflected in a symbol of the series.

We ship to all dentist, dental shops, supermarked and webshop in with in in Denmark, Finland & Sweden you can contact us info@beauty-supply.dk or call us +45 91835577 or +45 50210911 for more information.