SPLAT® - Dental Floss with silver thread and Mint

SPLAT® - Dental Floss with silver thread and Mint

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The floss cleans teeth and protect them from plaque.
Conventional dental floss can not always penetrate the narrowest points between the teeth to ensure a full perfect oral care.
To solve this problem, Splat made this ultra thin floss, developed for special care.
The lint is not and the river is not the gums.
The thread has grown medallergivenlige micro-crystalline and slightly spicy effect.

The floss is also added Biosol, which contains a unique antibacterial substance.
Biosol ensures lasting fresh breath and protect against bacteria. The proportion of silver ions increases the antibacterial properties of silk. 7 thin fibers of pure silver with mint extract has a double antibacterial effect and prevent the growth of bacteria.
This floss was developed in Italy for Splat with patented technology.
Clinically proven efficacy of this floss:
Reduction of plaque with 69%
Bleeding gums reduced by 50%
Good to know: Silver has a strong antibacterial effect.

Retail price 39,00
Inci Microrystaline Wax, Propylene Glycol Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract. Materiale: Nylon 3,9% Pure Silver Wire
Content 30m
Colli 6 pcs.

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