SPLAT® - Dental Floss Strawberry

SPLAT® - Dental Floss Strawberry

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The floss has grown and added strawberry extract.

The floss is the 3D surfaces.
In addition to cleaning the teeth and protect them from plaque, you get a fresh breath and a good taste in your mouth.
The thread has grown medallergivenlige micro-crystalline and slightly spicy effect.

The floss is also added Biosol, which contains a unique antibacterial substance.
Biosol ensures lasting fresh breath and protect against bacteria.
This floss was developed in Italy for Splat with patented technology.
Clinically proven efficacy of this floss:
Reduction of plaque with 69%
Bleeding gums reduced by 50%
Good to know: Strawberries contain more than 50 flavoring substances.

Retail price 39,00
Inci Mirocrystaline Wax, O-Cymen-5.ol,Aroma. Matriale: Polyester Fiber
Content 30m
Colli 6 pcs.

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