Alteya Organics - Bio Neem Oil

Alteya Organics - Bio Neem Oil

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Bio Neem oil is obtained from the nuts of Melia Azadirachta plant by cold pressing.

The oil has gold yellow to orange colour and strong, distinctive scent with a note of nuts and garlic.

Widely used in agriculture as an insecticide and herbicide.

It is also used in the cosmetic sector for the production of soaps, hand creams and different hair products.

Very popular In Ayurveda for treating various skin inflammations and allergies.

The oil gets darker when stored at a temperature below 7 degrees.

Therapeutic use

  • antiseptic, anti-fungal, insecticide, herbicide, eczema, smooths wrinkles, stimulates collagen production, relieves dry skin, fights free radicals damage, dermatitis, itchy skin, reduces hyper pigmentation, urticaria, treats head lice, improves hair texture, promotes hair growth, treats frizzy hair and removes split ends, gastrointestinal ailments, ulcers, gingivitis and pyorrhea, germicide, cuts and bruises

Special precautions and warnings

  • Test for individual intolerance to the oil.
  • Do not use it alone but mix it with jobjoba or coconut oil
Inci *Neem Oil - *bio organic ingredient
Content 50ml
Colli 8 pcs.
Country of Origin Bulgaria

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