How to use TurBliss Mango Lip Balm

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How to use TurBliss Mango Lip Balm

How to use TurBliss Mango Lip Balm


Then you probably think that everyone how to apply a lip balm

They probably do, but this one can do just a more



First a little facts about mango



The mango fruit first appeared in India about 5,000 years ago

Around 300 or 400 AD. the seeds spread from Asia to the Middle East, East Africa and South America thanks to traveling humans

Mango is related to cashews and pistachios


Mango trees can grow up to 30 meters with a canopy of over 10 meters

The name mango comes from Tamil. ... The people who gave it the name manga or mango were the Portuguese

They first came to India across the oceans about 500 years ago

When they settled in parts of India, they discovered the mango

The mango is considered a national fruit of India and in 2010 the mango tree became the national tree of India



Mango butter contains vitamins A, E and C, essential fatty acids and other antioxidants



TurBliss Mango Lip Balm 


Their multifunctional lip balm consists of 100% unrefined mango butter of very high quality and you get far with a little


Suitable for all skin types and it provides an in-depth moisturizing care and protects the skin without clogging the pores


Mango butter does not have a strong odor, which makes it suitable for you who are sensitive to scents


It can then do more than moisturize and care for your lips



It can also be used as extra skin care in extra dry places on the skin both on the face and on the body


As a moisturizer for dry eyebrows - apply it at night by brushing it on with a brow brush


Use it as extra care on a day where both frost, wind and sun can dry out the skin


Can also be used to protect everyday little heroes with against red frost cheeks


It is suitable for problematic dry skin


Suitable and beneficial for dry cuticles



It comes in a zero waste metal can and contains 15ml


What the ingredient list says: Mangifera indica (Mango) Seed Butter




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